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    Hello fine people,

    I’ve selected WordPress Easel for my sites theme and was contemplating inclusion of an SMF forum which I also have up and running. I have incorporated the SMF2WP bridge, but now would like to create a direct patch to the forum within the menu bar on my site’s home page.

    Is there a way of doing this and how would I go about it.


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  • Within the Menubar?

    You would go to appearance -> menu’s – create a menubar, organize how you would like, in that appearance -> menu’s area there’s a custom link menu area where you can create your own link

    This is all managed by the WordPress menu system which has several good tutorials in various places.

    I have a new version of Easel coming up, 2.0 with a ton more features btw, it’s looking great.

    – Phil

    Thanks for getting back Phil..Ill check it out and let you know how i got on.

    Please do, it’s a small learning curve to create your own menu structure, but worth it.

    Remember in the upper left corner of appearance -> menus that you select the primary menubar you created then save again for it to appear.

    Learning curve… been @ it for some time now.. seem to be missing out on something.

    Yeah I tried the menu creation previously and although it appears successfully on the home page im unable to get the custom link to work so all I need to do is simply click on forum and im there. At the mo the only way i can achieve this is to post a link under forum category but its a two step exercise.

    The Twenty ten theme allows me to do this…TBH ive had it going on Easel just the way I wanted but am unable to replicate…so i know its possible..

    A little more perserverance eh.

    BTW…Im setting up via localhost using xampp until I get things right.

    Re Easel…Thinking maybe the info ive input in the URL link on custom menu might be the prob as Ive had to include a direct path to forum on localhost rather than a link to a bonafide site. For Navigation label Ive input forum…Title attribute left blank?

    ^ more then likely, for the custom link you would have to put the direct browser-link you would need to get to it

    Yeah Im back Phil, haven’t been ignoring you.

    Ive been hard @ it. Still not right…What I found was, that the menu I had on the homepage was done through wordpress admin panel using normal page creation. These menu items were running concurrently with Easel menu. Ive deleted all WordPress pages and now only have a black Easel menubar. For some reason the menu items ive created under Easel arent displaying as they should on the homepage.

    Any clues?

    Should I be looking in the Easel settings panel.

    This is achievable through creating a custom link, here’s a link to a video tutorial:

    Unfortunately I am unable to get the exact steps your doing. You should not have to create a new page just for a link. Watch the video if you could on that link to see if you can find where some of the issues might be.

    When creating a new menu, just go to Appearance -> Menus -> {pages area] -> view all -> checkmark em all, add to menu. Now you have your regular pages in the menubar, go to the custom link area type in a url, create a name for it, add to menu drag where you want it to, click save, select the dropdown to select the primary menubar, click save, click save again on your menubar, it’s on your site.

    If it is *not* working on your site then there is an issue with what your doing, so if you could elaborate with the exact steps so I can duplicate, or maybe a screenshot that would be great.

    Ok Sorted..

    Thanks for the help Phil appreciate it..

    Followed everything to the letter excepting step on dropdown for Primary Navigation. Once I corrected this, the link appeared in menu as normal.

    My next challenge is to maintain overall consistency in page displays whilst switching from Easel to SMF forum…Im 99% there and have one more querie which I’ll start on another post if I may. Well no guarantee it will be my last.

    Again many thanks.

    p.s. Cant wait for the next Easel release. Great theme great support!

    You can try it out right now if you like 😉 I have a chat at for support, find me there and I can give you a link to the beta 😉 I might upload it tonight if I get some good feedback.

    Gee im slow…headed there now.

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