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  • My complaints with WP 2.5 are many and varied, but the thing that bugs me most is this:

    I’m having posts “go live” in advance of when they’re scheduled. This morning, for example, I had a post go live that wasn’t scheduled to go live until Thursday. This is ludicrous. I checked the date, etc., and everything says May 8th, not May 6th. EVEN THE DATE ON THE POST ITSELF says May 8th.

    So frustrating…

    (Last week, a “stub” post went live. It was nothing more than a URL for me to build a post around. It wasn’t scheduled to go live for weeks, but it just decided to do so on its own. I have over 50,000 readers. This looks tacky.)

    Also, I’m having a problem deleting comments. I spent 10 minutes in the comments panel deleting old comments on an entry, but none of them “took”. All of the comments were still there. Again, so frustrating…

    Plus I hate the new admin panel. But that’s another thing, and I realize I’m just going to have to live with it.

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