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  • It’s pretty straight-forward, it seems that all of a sudden, my comments have decided to be a different color every time someone comments. I have not gone out of my way to make this either, it seems to have happened on its own. Now, I know that’s not possible, but that’s just how it seems.

    Example of the issue:
    Plugins I am using: Akismet, Stray Random Quotes, Wowhead Item Tooltips
    This issue did not exist long after I have been using these plugins and theme.
    Theme I am using: veryplaintxt 4.6.1 by Scott Allan Wallick

    Steps I have tried to counter this issue:
    1. Redownloaded the comments.php page from the newest (and same) version of my current theme onto my db to replace the current page.
    2. Looked through every possible menu category that this may fit into, but found no reference to this absurd color bastardization, I rather preferred my black comments.

    Here’s my comments.php page if it helps at all:

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