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  • This is normally caused by a theme or plugin loading an old jQuery or jQuery UI instead of the one included with WordPress and thus causing a JS conflict.

    Please make sure there is nothing loading jQuery or jQuery-ui …

    The home page of my site does use JQuery for the slider. Is there a work around?

    So I updated JQuery to the latest version, and it didn’t fix it. Then I deactivated the plugin that uses JQuery and it still does not work. Any ideas?

    I see it running jQuery 2.0.0 but I’ve not done any testing with that jQuery … the only one I can support is the one that comes with WordPress . I can try to debug this for you later but it needs to be on my back burner for right now.

    I have the same issue. I have a slider as well. Love the plugin but cannot use it like this.

    having a slider is not a problem, its the fact that something you are running loads an old jQuery.

    There isnt much that can be done about it from the plugin side short of rewriting all the JS not to use jQuery or Jquery UI … and thats totally doable , and I’m actually in the works of doing just that but its alot of testing when not using something that gives the automatic cross browser compatability so it will be a while before that update is available.

    But with that said, in reality its a problem with the JS conflicting in the theme/other plugins even if you dont use this plugin , thus other things may not be working as intended but small enough that you just dont notice so I would check into it in any case.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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