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    I know this has been asked many times and that there are several
    “Add Action” functions available as resolutions to the problem, but I’ve tried them
    in my Child theme functions.php and none of them work.

    I currently have this in my Child theme functions.php file:

    function myeshop_copy_email($csubject, $this_email, $headers, $array){
    wp_mail($myemail, $csubject, $this_email,$headers);

    I’ve tested my child theme functions.php with other Add Actions, Filters, etc
    and they all work just fine.

    Related Information:

    eshop Plugin version 6.3.11
    WordPress version 3.6.1

    The Parent theme is “twentytwelve”

    The Payment Gateway is

    The eshop “From Email” is set as

    But for some reason the Customer Confirmation email is received with a From address of

    Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

    thank you.


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  • esmi


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    Have you checked that MyEmailAddress is correct?

    Yes, I have. I’m using my usual email (gmail) address for testing and it is correct.




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    Check with your hosts to ensure that they are not filtering out emails at their SMTP server.


    thanks for the response.

    I’ve been using that same address as the Customer for testing orders and been regularly receiving the Customer Confirmation Email, without a problem.

    But as with that address or another address ( non-gmail ) in the Add_action… it doesn’t work




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    All I can suggest is that you check with your hosts. eShop can only send the email to the SMTP server. Your hosts determine whether it will be sent on or not.

    I understand your replay and thanks.

    The same SMTP server on the host ( godaddy ) is fine with the Customer Email to the same address it’s handled with an issue every time….. but the Same Email (copy) going to the same address doesn’t go anywhere it seems.

    Can’t see why the outgoing SMTP Server would handle one and not the
    other since both are essentially the same in every respect.

    Seems more likely the issue is elsewhere, but I sure don’t know where at this point.

    Focusing on the Add_action……. I’ve read numbers of questions and responses…. some indicating that the “recommended” Add_action worked for them and other indicating that it did not.

    Can you suggest any other approach to further testing?

    thank again,




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    I’m sorry but we cannot replicate your problem, so this is specific to your site and/or server. I don’t know what else to suggest.

    Ok, thanks again for you help


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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