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    So I am using User Access Manager in conjunction with E-mail Users to group users together and send them messages. However, the other day I received an e-mail from one of my admins saying that when they went to send an e-mail to one of the groups (which has approximately 50 users), it was actually sent to the group plus about fifteen or so users that did not belong to the group.

    I checked within User Access Manager and see that only those certain 50 users are the only ones associated with that group.

    Do you know why E-mail Users would be populating extra users into lists? Is there any fix to this that anyone knows of? If not, does anyone have any suggestions on another plugin that would group users in multiple different groups that plays well with E-mail Users?

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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Recipients are collected using WordPress database queries. If you are getting undesired users than the query is returning more users than you expect for some reason.

    I would start by enabling debug mode as it will let you see the headers (which includes all of the recipients) without actually sending the email to your users.

    I would then backtrack from there to see what it is with the unexpected users that they get returned with the query. I haven’t looked at the User Access Manager integration in a long time so if something changed with UAM, I wouldn’t know about it unless someone brought it to my attention as I don’t personally use UAM.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Marking resolved due to no activity.

    cannot activate the plugin… I get this message

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Is this a new issue or related to the problem which originated the thread?

    You also need to provide more context than the plugin can’t be activated. Since Email Users is widely used, I would suspect a plugin conflict so you’ll need to isolate which other plugin is causing the problem.

    Start by disabling all plugins disabled and make sure Email Users activates correctly, I would suspect it will.

    sorry, this was a new issue and I realized after I posted.
    I thought maybe it was an issue with the wordpress update 4.2.1
    I will try your suggestion with disabling plugins.
    Thank you and I appreciate the quick response!

    I disabled all plugins and tried to activate email users.
    this time got this message…
    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /home/thegym/public_html/CombativeSports/wp-includes/meta.php on line 818

    I am not a computer guy so this is greek to me

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    How many users does your site have? The only thing I can think of if you have a very large number of users, something is happening during the initialization of the users default settings to receive email and notifications.

    yes we have a lot of users. about 4000

    I backed up my email database and then deleted all but about 300 and then it worked.
    Is there a limit of users? can I fix it to allow more? or can I split them up somehow?
    thanks in advance

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    4000 is a lot but I wouldn’t have expected it to be a big deal. I’ll have to go look at the activation code to see if there is something unusual there.

    hello Mike, any luck?

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Sorry for the delayed response. I was on the road for work this week with little opportunity to look at this. This morning it occurred to me I had solved a similar problem sending emails to a large number of users a while back.

    Looking at the activation code I realized the way the users were being queried to set their default state was retrieving the entire user record when all that was needed was the ID. I have changed the query and tested it in my development area which has ~1300 users, not as many as you have but this amount was enough to make the prior out of memory problem evident.

    Can you try the 4.7.3 beta version I posted on my web site this morning?

    Excellent. Thank you Mike!

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