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  • All,

    I teach elemeentary students and have a blog for our room. I want the students to comment on the writing our own students create and post. I don’t mind if outside people comment (I will moderate) but I have to control every kid’s experience or the school will not allow the activity at all.

    Now I want to register them to comment on each others’ writing. WP seems to require that they have their own e-mail account. This won’t be possible as few families with computers would allow this. Between half to two-thirds have no computers anyway. I am very hesitant to create a bunch of unused yahoo (or other free service) accounts. Is there a level of user that does not require this? My research in Role and Capabilities dowes not answer this “e-mail required” question.

    I have this blog now on WordPress hosting, so plug-ins are not an option. This summer I will start a new blog or re-work all the content for my new fifth grade class (changing from third) and I will switch to hosting it on my own web-space-providor’s servers. I will gain much more flexibility, I know.

    Still, though, any answers for NOW? I’d like to give the students a quick taste of blogging before June 7th, the last day.


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  • wp only checks that the email is well formed and doesn’t check if the domain actually exists. you don’t need to create actual email accounts. you can probably use the email as a form of key, having your own “domain name” for students and assigning them unique “email usernames.”

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