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  • Resolved Miguel


    As the title describes, I’ve been experiencing hit and miss success (mostly miss) with Subscribe2 pusing out the E-mail notice that I’ve published a Blog Post.

    The Post goes out on schedule but the E-mail notices don’t. Truth is, that this has been going on for months. I only post once a week and am building up a library of posts, but this is frustrating none-the-less.

    I’ve tested with one or two people and it works, but if I try sending out to the all my subscribers (only about 1oo), it falls flat on it’s face. PLEASE your help would be appreciated.

    I’ve got Pages, Private Posts and Password Protected Posts set to NO and the radio button For Each Post selected.

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your time.

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  • mattyrob



    You may not be doing anything wrong.

    Two things to check, first install an email logging plugin and this will allow you to check if the emails are being generated in the first instance.

    Second, if the above step confirms that the emails are being generated then take this up with your hosting provider and ask them why these emails are being blocked.



    I’ve installed an E-mail Logging Plugin, as you suggested and I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks for the suggestion.

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