• Hey there!

    I tried using your plugin with formcraft3 from (http://formcraft-wp.com/) which advertises your plugin for integration with Mail-Poet.

    After filling out the form with a valid email it gives me the following error message during sending “Mail-Poet: No email specified”.

    As “form id” I type in the numbers of the form fields that should be used for the input.
    Like: Mailpoet-List -> E-mail -> 6

    What can I do to fix the problem?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Ok…found the problem 🙂

    Use the label of the field and put it in the brackets….

    Hope I can help any people that have the same problem in the future!

    Have the same problem, can not get emails list to the mailPoet.
    Tried to use [Your Email] also not working. Can you help me please.

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    You have to use the label. This is the name you can type in on your own….

    Hope I helped you.

    Yes, I am using label name. For example label is “your Email”. So you in this plugin you have to write [your Email], right? But this is not working for me…

    It is working only if label has only one word, for example [Email], But if I have two word it is not working, for example [Your Email] not working. Any idea?

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    Honestly exactly that with a space inbetween works for me…

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