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  • I am a newbie and am attempting to set up my first website using WordPress. The host server I chose is Dreamhost.

    I added a contact form to the website, actually have tried adding several. I cannot send a message successfully via the form. It will say “the message has been sent successfully” but I never get the message. I checked my SPAM folder and it is not there.

    Could Dreamhost settings be the cause? I made an attempt to set up settings in Dreamhost — but still have not received a message.

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  • might be your plugin is not properly working . Check its settings

    Hi Andy,

    How do you check the plugin settings? Do I need to know code for this?

    We have extra rules at DreamHost about email. The short version is that if you’re trying to send email via a form from an address that isn’t the same as your domain, it won’t work out of the box.

    Usually these directions sort people out:

    Mika – I do have the Configure SMTP installed. Could there be something else I need to reset?

    Try entering the SMTP details for the email address that’s being used.

    Where exactly, Mika.

    I have made sure username is my gmail address and password is my gmail password. I am not sure what needs to be changed as far as the host, port, secure prefix. Currently they are set to, 465, ssl.

    When I do a test it says it cannot authenticate.

    After the “cannot authenticate” message, I got a message from gmail saying there was suspicious activity my gmail account.

    Since I simply want to “receive” a message from someone filling out the contact form, why is gmail warning me that someone is trying to hijack my account?

    When you say you’re using gmail, are you using a email, or do you have the (now pay-for only) gmail hosted email so it’s but runs through Gmail?

    It does matter to how you set up that plugin.

    I am having a very similar problem, but hosting on Verio rather than dreamhost. The forms can be completed through our mobile verison, hosted by Dudamobible, but are never seen when completed on a desktop.

    I have had a gmail account for a long while.

    The problem is this – between Dreamhost, WordPress, and the Contact Form settings there are emails everywhere! How does a new person know what email to use for each of these fields that needs to be populated? Dreamhost even has two different areas related to emails –

    I’m not sure what emails are supposed to be in what fields and what the consequences are for filling them out a certain way.

    Do you know of documentation that spells out how all of these pieces come together to make the system work the way it is supposed to?

    This is very frustrating for some of us.

    I get that you’re confused, and I’m sorry. I don’t have the puzzle pieces to give you an exact answer, though. That’s why I asked what kind of email you’re using.

    What does them email address you’re trying to send email to look like? Does it end in OR does it end in 🙂

    That’s what I need to know to give you the answers.

    Thanks, Mika.
    My gmail is formatted like this Since I am not sure where to pick up the messages going to, I was trying to have them forwarded to

    But, in a perfect world, since this website will be business-related, it would be best to have the messages go to a place where they can be grouped together and not to my personal


    For an account, there’s a box on the SMTP plugin that says ‘Send Email via Gmail’ (see for a screenshot)

    Then for your SMTP username, you use

    It should look like this:

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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