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  • ver 1.0.4b

    Very needed and fine plug-in concept! End-user and admin simple is perfect.

    Have “every time” problem with an e-mail’s body text making it into a post with an image attachment. When NO e-mail image attachment, then body text is posted, but with an image attachment (and whether or not a [gallery] shortcode is included in the body), then the e-mail message text (plain text or HTML message text) does not make it into the post.

    Have tried these e-mails in various combinations on different servers with your 1.0.4.b plug-in and WP 3.6.1 and 3.7.1, but the result is always no body text posts with an attachment, but the body text always posts when the e-mail does not have an attachment.

    When there is an image attachment, then the image is always entered into the Media Library and associated with the post, just fine and dandy. – No PHP errors/warnings in the logs ever.

    Any Ideas?


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  • Plugin Author Kat Hagan


    Hi, thanks for letting me know. Have you tried enabling WP_DEBUG to see if any errors get logged that way?

    What email client are you sending from?

    Hi Kat Hagan,

    Thanks for your thanks for letting you know.

    Using Thunderbird 24.1.0.

    Went down the “Postie” road and nearly hacked it enough to try to get to the simplicity of your plug-in, but might take over the weekend to undo and re-install yours, but I will, ’cause yours is the one I really want.

    Simplicity is a virtue – set up an address, install your plug-in, send 1 e-mail message with 1 photo attached – see it on a wordpress site! All the rest can be left for the others and admins to struggle with (as far as me and my clients are concerned) – or your upcoming “pro” version.


    Plugin Author Kat Hagan


    Hmm. Can you send a couple of example emails from Thunderbird to It sounds like it might be changing the email format depending on whether or not there’s an image attachment, and the plugin isn’t handling it well. That’s something I can add support for if I can look at what it’s actually sending.

    Also, you could try sending an email from a different client (e.g. Gmail) and see if you have the same problem. That would help narrow it down to whether it’s really the email client vs. maybe something about the image file types or sizes (or some other issue entirely).

    Just sent two from T-bird w/”large image” size.

    Will send another from a webmail account shortly.

    Thanks for investigating,


    Hi there,

    Any updates on this? It’s happening with Gmail as well.
    I have the same problem and I couldn’t figure out a fix.




    Forum Moderator

    @efidi: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    Hi, I’ve the same problem with outlook…

    @elena guzzella – read the post right above yours and do the same thing.

    hi I sent 2 emails to the address indicated… but no answer yet and I still get the problem…

    Hi, I’m also having this exact problem while using Gmail.
    Emails without attachments load fine, however emails with attachments show no email body content only “[gallery]” in the source for the post (however the image/file embed does work.
    This would be a great plugin if this feature worked.
    Hope to see a fix soon!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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