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  • kcomphlint


    Has anyone developed a plugin that would allow a visitor to e-mail a post to a friend?
    basically, take the permalink to the post, and allow a visitor to fill out a form to e-mail it to a friend.

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  • carthik

    Please search in the wiki too 🙂
    That was at the Plugin page.



    i didn’t see it there the first time i checked…should’ve done a ctrl+f for email i guess.



    ok.. how exactly does one use the plug in? there is no documentation on the website. or am i not looking in the right place?


    They instructions are in the header of the wp-email.php file. : )

    I installed it and it works fine, except that I get a bunch of SMTP junk on the confirmation page. (Please go to and try it out. You’ll see what I mean.)
    How do I suppress that?

    i get the same junk too…i’ve emailed the lester chan but he has yet to write me back….
    let me know if you ever figure it out…
    i was thinking a simple redirect to the main index.php would suffice after hitting submit, but i’ve tried that html and it screws everything up…

    I believe you need to turn off debugging mode in the SMTP module. I can’t remember exactly, but I got it to work on my site somehow – It’s in the wp-includes folder.

    Thanks for the tip!
    In class-smtp.php there are the following lines that might be relevant.
    * Sets whether debugging is turned on
    * @var bool
    var $do_debug; # the level of debug to perform
    function SMTP() {
    $this->smtp_conn = 0;
    $this->error = null;
    $this->helo_rply = null;
    $this->do_debug = 0;
    I tried setting $this->do_debug = 1; but that didn’t change anything. Any ideas?

    Nope. Got it now.
    In wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php, find this section …
    * Sets SMTP class debugging on or off.
    * @var bool
    var $SMTPDebug = true;
    and change “true” to “false”
    Thanks, daltonrooney, for the tip.

    anyidea on having it redirect too, after submitting?

    i changed the true to false and i get this error now:
    Language string failed to load:

    I have not gotten it to work in 1.3 – though it was in earlier versions of WP. Just a heads up.

    Where did you put that code?

    Hello all,
    Well, my implemetation works. Works in the sense that it says that the article has been sent, but when I look in the queue, it’s sitting there. I’m using Microsoft Virtual SMTP Server (yeah I know, I know). When I check the Event Viewer and look the error message there, it says:
    Message delivery to the host ‘’ failed while delivering to remote yhada yhada
    It goes on to say that
    The SMTP verb ‘AUTH’ caused the problem
    Any idea how I can fix this?
    In the class-phpmailer.php file, I set SMTPAuth to false.

    Hello Folks,
    I’ve got the wp-email going just fine and put in the redirect code (thanks daltonrooney). My only question is the links to the Blog and Blog Post in the sent email aren’t clickable. I tried adjusting the variables in class-phpmailer.php to send HTML but that didn’t do it. Any idea’s? Thank you for any help you can offer.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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