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  • Does any one know of an e-learning plug-in for wordpress. I have tried a number of quiz modules as well as questionnaire plug-ins. What I am looking for is a plug-in that will

    1. Allow admin to create a quiz with multiple questions some being true and false, others being best out of 5 etc.
    2. Allow media to be inserted pictures, video, sound, links etc.
    3. Have pre-set scores for right and wrong answers and a page showing results at the end.
    4. Results are emailed to a designated course provider with the users name and email address.
    5. You can restrict the number of times a user can d the test and record their attempts
    6. You can restrict the test to registered users or a group of registered users. Or even better invite people by emailing them.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • bodhidude


    I’m looking for the same thing, we’re you able to find anything that worked for you?

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