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    Don’t copy your competitor’s ( branding, don’t be another copycat rival. That demeans your organisation and has serious repercussions on your credibility.

    you are right I may have to change the colors.

    Thank you Andrew. anything else you think I can improve it?

    They about us talks about ‘we’ but doesnt mention who ‘we’ are. No location, base etc. People may not trust a site if they don’t know where the owners are based.

    We have put our address on our contact us page but we reckon it is better to add more information on about us page. thank you

    Nice clean site, I like it, navigation is fine. I think that the absolute positioned banner lets it down though. Also the ‘shop now’ cta jumps around a lot on re-size. I’d consider a more professional image slider with text and links that would fit more with the design and look a lot slicker.

    Thank you Ant. I will sort the shop now issue. When you said “I’d consider a more professional image..” are you talking about the banner image on the home page? I mean the head illustration?


    Hi zerocivico, I meant that (only in my opinion) the image looks weak and kind of lets down the overall professional look and feel of your website. This is only something that I would do if I was developing this site. Hth.

    Thank you Ant. I may change that image but It is hard to find a right image.

    Very nice, I want Canon EOS 1100D Digital SLR Camera 🙂

    Very clean look, pleasing to the eye. You’ll need more content on the product pages though, like several images, perhaps on a separate tab.

    thank you guys. Your feedback are very much appreciate. You are right when you said I have to add more products and images. I am juggling lots things at the moment (kids included). We are trying to add products for the the best price and sort bugs at the same time.

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Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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