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  • Hello,

    I am shopping around for a new WP Theme that will allow me to update my inventory with one click (if possible) as well as show specifics about my inventory.

    Click on certain type of shirt, next page customer can choose what size shirt they are looking for. When they click on the size they are looking for, it will tell them exactly how many shirts of that size that I have in stock instead of just picking a random quantity and then it shows out of stock. Basically the idea is they can buy the entire stock instead of trying to guess exactly how many I have in once size and then buying it all.

    Also I am looking for an easier way to update my inventory. Is it possible to have one page that lists all products with current inventory that I can update all at once?

    Brad Cantrell

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  • The ecommerce functionality in a WordPress theme is typically provided by a plugin, so it’s best to find which plugin suits your particular needs the best. I have found WooCommerce to be the best, and should be able to do what you described.

    There are quite a lot of good ecommerce themes available now. Have a look here: [ Redacted, affiliate laden link removed, you’ll just have to research via Google and blogs ]

    Hey Brad, the reason loop01 suggests a plugin instead of a theme is that it gives you flexibility to change your theme. Shopp is another e-commerce plugin that definitely does what you’re asking for. Full disclosure: I’m the project lead for Shopp so my opinions will be biased that direction.

    In Shopp you can have your inventory show up in the variant option menus say for size and color combinations (as an example). Also, the inventory management screen does show your products (and their variants) on one page and updates are quick through AJAX so you can just type numbers and tab through the list as quickly as you can go. It’s quite nice.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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