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    I’m looking for a way to build a form in wordpress for e-commerce purposes. The plan is following.

    1. customer clicks on the link, then new page with the form appears.
    2. customer fills up this form, chooses some options (radio1 selected -> combobox 1 appers, radio 2 selected -> combobox 2 appears, etc..)
    3. by the end of the proccess he submits the form and is prompted to pay using the PayPal.
    4. Once the process is done – he waits for the response on the mail and site.

    the “product” that he’s buying is the “link” to a file (which I will upload on FTP). as simple as that.

    5. I, as the administrator, receive information that the customer has filled and send back the link when it’s ready.

    I was thinking about using some e-commerce WP plugin, but products are usually “clothing”, “cars”, “mouses” i.e. “something that you can touch”. In my case, I’m looking for a way to sell a “form”.

    Any suggestions about how to do it?

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  • pavlexander


    right now I’m manually building the form..I’ve already:

    • successfully implemented PayPal transaction using IPN
    • made primitive price calculation, using jquerry scripts
    • write user-input into a database using PHP and mysql

    what’s left? form validation + tool-tips.

    i’m planning on integrating the self-made form into some wordpress page. Only registered and logged in users will have access to this page.

    It was pretty hard and the code will be hardly manageable in the future but for now it’s all good.

    If I had spare two years of time I would have created a wordpress plugin 😉



    all done

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