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  • Hi,

    i have the same problems… have u already found a solution to it?



    Has anyone found solutions to this question yet?

    i believe millions out there couldn’t figure it out.
    i’m a wordpress newbie and badly need help to this question

    is there anything to do with templates?
    whatever it is, can anyone post links to answers to this question?


    Seems like Instincts own forum is down, so no chance of getting answer there eighter…

    Yea, I noticed that their forums were down too. Of course that was only after I purchased their Gold upgrade. Now Im having even more issues with it.

    About the category thumb, have you checked the rendered code to make sure its calling to where the file actually is? A few times Ive seen extra spaces or relative links cause images to fail. Im not an expert on this plugin (having had it for less than a day) but perhaps that is the case.

    Hi all,

    I have all kinds of php errors trying to upload image thumbnails in e- commerce lite (latest beta). The other problem I have is the category/ product list aligns flush with the left border (no padding) with the Theme I am using (Orange v3), though it is fine in the classic themes. I too noticed that the instinct forum is down (lots of php errors there too!)I’ve tried to send emails to them with no response.

    I tried WP shop as well, but had even more alignment/design issues, which is a shame because they at least seem to be committed to its development, though I have to say the documentation is very sparse.

    It is very frustrating, such a huge potential and demand and only a few immature and/or unsupported options!!

    I have Cartweaver as well but I’m not enough of a php geek to figure out how to plug in the includes.

    If anyone form e-commerce is out there, could you please, PLEASE add the option to link to an EXISTING THUMBNAIL IMAGE on the SERVER! I can tell from all the posts I’ve combed through here and on the instinct archive that I’m not the only one to have this frustration.


    The instinct forum is back up again, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone responding to any of the issues posted 🙁

    Dan here from Instinct.

    First of all I’m sorry about the forums being down – there was a php5 error in the software we were using; we have now fixed it and the forums are back online!

    We’ll look into the category images – this will be fixed in 3.5 (the next full version – coming soon).

    The link to an existing thumbnail image is a feature that simply does not exist and until I hear artfish say please and then apologise for insinuating that we are not committed (like somehow developing a plugin for over a year makes us uncommitted) then I might just leave it off the list until version 4.0 ;-P

    No not really we will look at adding this functionality to version 3.5 or version 3.5.1 beta. But please be patient with us, this is something we’re self funding and its done in our spare work hours – if you want something done pronto (asap) then you can always commission it to get it done faster. Contact dan [at] for any more info….



    I wish I was a computer wizard! I cannot got my download product to work! We want to sell some meditations- I am going to need a relaxation meditation after working on this- When I browse on my computer to upload a file it says page cannot be displayed- can I put an ftp address in here? I tried to put just the file name from the ftp here and that didn’t work either. I am positive you know WAY more than me here!

    Dear Dan,

    I wasn’t suggesting that you aren’t committed to the development of your product, however I was suggesting that perhaps you aren’t committed to supporting it. Maybe you are spread a bit thin, believe me I could sympathize, but users do need solutions to their issues!

    An apology? Hmmm…… after trying the forums for several days when they were down, I sent two very polite emails to the only two email addresses listed on instinct’s website. One had an auto responder that said that the recipient was out until 3/5.

    In any case there was no response to either email (sent a week ago on the 26th. Still waiting…….

    And, though people are now posting questions to the forum, myself included, there seems to be no admin response to the queries.

    Perhaps you might understand how frustrating it is when you are left hanging by the one viable option for completing your commerce needs simply because you are unable, in any way fathomable, to get an answer to support issues.

    So I will meet you half way, I do apologize if you felt that your dev of your plugin was insulted 🙂

    But a product isn’t really useful without support, especially in beta! :p

    Cherie (waiting to be a commerce blog) (old site waiting to move to new WP digs)

    And I would looooove a link to an existing thumbnail image…..

    Thanks for the reply. I apologise for not emailing you – I can’t actually find it anywhere.

    Like most open source software projects (even like WordPress itself) we don’t offer free support. We have community forums and we offer paid support for people with urgent needs. We can’t possibly support each and every persons wish – I certainly wish we could 🙂

    3.4.8 will have the category images working (as an option you can turn on/off) and you will also have your link to an existing thumbnail feature – but you’ll have to wait until next week as we have a ton of paid work on.




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