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  • The wp-ecards plugin is working when I send it directly to an email that does not have forwarding. However, when I try to send the e-card to an email I know is being fowarded, it won’t work. Help?

    $headers  = "From: " . $this->sender_email . "\r\n" ;
    	 		$headers .= "Reply-To: " . $this->sender_email . "\r\n" ;
    			$headers .= "X-Mailer: ".get_bloginfo('name');
    			$to = $this->recipient_email;
    			$message  = "Hi ".$this->recipient_name.", \r\n";
    			$message .= "You have been sent an ecard from ".$this->sender_name.".\r\n";
    			$message .= "To view it, visit ".get_bloginfo('home')."/viewcard/".$this->card_hash." \r\n";
    			$subject = "An Ecard from ".$this->sender_name;
    			if ( wp_mail($to,$subject,$message,$headers) ){
    				echo "<p><strong>Your e-card has been sent!</strong></p>";
    				echo "<p><a href='".$this->post_permalink."'>Would you like to send another?</a></p>";
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