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  • Hi Guys

    Been working on this for full 2 days, tried every single post out there but all gave either error or not what I wanted. Any help in here will be much appreciated.

    Working on a furniture site and we have a custom post type of Living Room

    under that we have Taxonomy of : sofas, charis, sectionals, ottomas and so forth

    Now, we have single-livingroom.php created by the Custom Content Types Plugin

    all of the above taxonomy uses the single-livingroom.php page.

    What I am trying to do it have the parent tax name and it’s link to appear on that page the resembles the product given.

    So, living room—>sofas—–>2013 XYZ Sofa

    I want to show a link back to Sofas on the 2013 XYZ Sofa page

    then Living Room—–>Charis—–>2013 XYZ Charir

    I want to show a link back to the Chairs on the 2013 XYZ Chair page

    and so forth.. Please keep in mind that all using one page “single-livingroom.php”

    Any help will be much appreciated. If not clear please post

    Thank you


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