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  • Probably, the easiest way to understand what I want to do is by going to this page:
    and clicking in “Display all compounds”.

    Also I must clarify that I’ve just started using wordpress, but I coudn’t find any info about this searching in the forums (not that is easy to decide how to look for this).

    Now, for the explanation: Let’s say I’m doing a webpage using wordpress and apart from the normal blog entries and such, I want a section to show the stats of sports players (for clarity, let’s say from the NBA). I want to do it for example through a direct name (surname or team …) search or, by first showing a list of all the NBA teams, in that list you can select one of the teams, and just bellow that list there is another list that is updated with the players from that team, then you choose one player from that new list, some information about that player can appear already down that table or later (place and date of birh, height…) and bellow that list there is another list where you can choose a year, once you choose that year, you get the actual data.

    So, is it possible to do it with wordpress without a lot of code?
    The webpage I posted seems to do it all in javascript. I can learn, but I think that it will take a good deal of time to reach the expertise to be able to do this properly.

    Thanks a lot!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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