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  • I have problem with Dynamic thumbnails centering it sometimes work sometimes not. I have enabled options for dynamic thumb centering and load image on scroll in theme options. But have problem that centering sometimes not happen. Please check image to see my problem

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  • Hi there,
    thanks for reporting this.
    Can you please make sure you’ve followed the troubleshooting steps described in the link below?

    Can you reproduce the same issue on the demo website as well?
    What browser are you using?

    Best regards

    I not use child theme. I have last Customizr version. My site is giftlightbulbs com
    This happening on my site like in above image, occasionally for every article. I use W3 Total Cache and free Cloudflare. I try to delete cache from plugin and from Cloudflare but that not help. I also clear my browser (Chrome and Mozzila) cache but that also not help. I try to deactivate all plugins but that also not resolve problem.

    I suspect that is some problem between Cloudflare and theme (or W3 Total Cache and Cloudflare) but I am really just suspect because I am not technical to know what is real problem

    This is live example from my site

    Just to add this: it looks like that sometimes image is loaded in full wide and sometimes in right centered version under title. I use wide layout. I try to change to boxed version but not centered thumbnail image still appear under my article titles

    Like I said occasionally my thumbnails look like this

    and when I refresh page i be like it should be always

    every time when I refresh page it looks OK and solve problem. But I do not want to thumbnail loaded wrong and that looks ugly for visitors

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    Hi there,
    thanks for the additional info.
    Unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce the issue on your site 🙁
    What’s the browser you’re using?

    The theme has no specific incompatibility with cloudflare or caching plugins, though, since the image centering is performed via javascript, incorrect caching plugin’s settings might generate an issue.

    Does the same issue reproduce after disabling the W3 Total Cache plugin?

    I use Chrome (problem also appear on Mozilla) but it can not be issue just with my browser because when I check site speed on different sites it sometimes show not centered thumbnail (example below from gtmetrix)

    That also happens sometimes when i check how site look like from different geolocations. That tells me that is not problem with my browser.

    And this happens like I say occasionally not every time if you open 10 times different articles this problem will appear to you

    I even try with anon surf site and after open few article problem appear (image below)

    When I disable W3 Cache plugin the problem is still there. So that is not issue with cache plugin. I use instructions from your site to setup W3 cache

    Maybe it is some conflict between cropping and centering thumbnail and load on scroll at same time? Just guessing

    Now I try to disable load on scroll and that seems to solve problem.

    I want to speed up my site so I used this load on scroll. For now I disable load on scroll.

    Hi there,
    thanks so much for these further details.
    I’ve opened an issue on the theme issue’s tracker so that devs will look into it trying to reproduce and, in that case, fix it.

    Best regards

    Hello there,

    just wanted to notice that it happens exactly the same to me. Thumbnail images aren’t well centered except if you refresh the website.


    Hi @fcogutierrez,
    thanks for sharing your experience.

    Would you mind to share also your website so that we can collect more cases about this issue in order to better find a pattern?


    You can see the entries at the bottom.

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi @fcogutierrez
    can you please make sure you’ve followed the troubleshooting steps described in the link below?

    in your case the problem seem to be tied to the jetpack lazyload feature.



    Solved for me! You were right @d4z_c0nf thank you so much.

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