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  • Hello! Thanks for helping me out!

    My goal is to simply have my shortcode that displays text update every so often so that viewers can see it change without having to reload the page. I am running a charity marathon, and I would like my viewers to be able to watch the live show and have the text below showing the money donated update as people donate.

    If you go to 4-8Live you will simple line of text that says “Total Donations:$20.00!” This text is a simple line of text followed by a shortcode entitled [donatetotal] and it already shows the exact number I need. However, a viewer would have to reload the page in order to see the change in number.

    I’m not very fluent in code, and I’ve looked at many ajax and jquery posts and it’s way over my head. Plus, I feel like to update such a small section of the page shouldn’t require so much code, but I could be wrong.

    Thank you for your help, and this is my first post here so I apologize if I have left something out!

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