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    busily learning the ins and outs of wordpress and how it all comes together and learning php in the process – great fun! however i have run into a snag. I have a dynamic page template that loads a post based on is_page that is working fine – i should say was. After i got that up and running i decided to make a dynamic sidebar load based on the page – so i found the code in the wordpress docs set it up – and the problem is this – when i go to the specific page, the dynamic page template is loading the appropriate content, but it is going to the else statement of the dynamic sidebar content. it is like it can’t understand the conditional statements in the two documents???

    to see what i am talking about you can go to

    notice at the bottom it has a search box and the words – pedro offers you his protection – that is the else statement in the dynamic sidebar content.

    Any help with this is GREATLY appreciated.

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  • errr… disregard – I found the ‘simple’ solution;-) in case anyone else out there is new to this business and has this problem, all i did was load the sidebar before loading the dynamic template page conditional statement.

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