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  • Hello!

    WooCommerce offers some instructions on adding custom shipping methods via custom plugins, however their exact instructions adds 1 shipping method immediately to the cart page, and this is not correct for my needs.

    Only after a user selects a country for the billing or shipping address do I then want to ping the carriers relevant to the regional office their package will ship from. I can already pull the shipping methods and rates from these carriers, I just need to integrate this data into WooCommerce dynamically.

    Once the user selects their country the code needs to:

    – decide which carrier to use based on the selected country in billing/shipping

    – with the selected carrier and the product details it should then fetch shipping methods and rates from the specific carrier

    – once it has that info it should then create those shipping methods with their rates ( I’m guessing by using the WooCommerce extension example )

    – when the shipping rates are actually made it would then ( assuming this isn’t automatic in the last step ) update the rates the user can see and select, and calculate the total cost of the cart when a user selects a shipping method/rate.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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