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    First of all Ben, thank you so much for making this plugin publicly available. I have a bit of an urgent request, and if you can solve it, I will be totally bribing you with some paypal funds for your time, since you will be saving my butt!!

    I am using the Quantity Limits on a form, and for the product that the QL is attached to, I am changing the price dynamically using a URL query variable (using Gravity’s Dynamic Population features).

    The problem is that when I dynamically change the price (eg. $125) and I send/submit the form as a user, 125 becomes the quantity that is counting against the quantity limit when i go look in the Quantity Limits! I am making sure that I am not using the same variable name in the price and quantity fields. Rather than increasing the QL by 1, it increases it by the amount of that variable I have used to change the price. When hitting submit, I am only being charged for a quantity of “1”, but it is counting the entire dynamic price as the increment to increase the QL. Of course, putting the entry in the trash puts the limits back to normal.

    If I use the same form and don’t dynamically populate the price (so it stays at the default $110), there is no problem and the QL increases by 1 as expected.

    I am sure that I am stretching the limits of this plugin, but if you can help me resolve the issue, you will be saving my life.

    ps. so I can bribe and thank you monetarily for this plugin and your help, please include your paypal email address, or email [ email redacted ] 🙂

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    Side note:

    ps. so I can bribe and thank you monetarily for this plugin and your help, please include your paypal email address, or email [ email redacted ] 🙂

    @joelrendall? Offering to pay will get your topic closed pretty quickly.

    Also please do not post your email address in these forums, that’s actively discouraged here.

    Sorry Jay, I wasn’t aware of that rule, I guess it makes sense. I didn’t mean any mischief, was just very grateful to the developer. Thanks for not closing thread.

    Plugin Author B Hays


    Hi Joel,

    I tried to replicate your setup with a dynamic price being changed via query var but am unable to do so. Can you post the form & query variable string you’re using?

    Also, you might have better luck doing this changing of values via PHP with the Gform_field_value_$parameter_name hook.

    Hi Ben, thanks for your hint, and once again, thanks for releasing the plugin! Since I was in a panic to get it resolved, I had a wordpress dev look at it.

    He found a workaround and it’s up and running again. If you I can help, let me know and I can send more details.

    Here is the conversation with the dev explaining the circumstances and the workaround he used to get me back up and running, for what it’s worth 😉

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author B Hays


    Thanks Joel, glad you were able to get it working.

    Should we run into this issue again with anyone else, I’ll make sure to direct them here.

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