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  • Hi,

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but a search could not locate anything.
    I’m building a plugin where I need to grab data from a REST api and basically make it look and behave like a custom post type in WordPress, but instead of writing data to the WordPress database and reading from it, I’ll be reading and writing to it via this REST api.

    I have setup the admin backend to be able to do the reads and writes – which works fine, now I’m stuck on how to display this on the front end – anyone have any ideas? I guess I’m a bit confused on how to get WordPress to display these new pages since it is not reading any of this data from it’s database – and how do I get permalinks to work with this – I’m trying to avoid the use of shortcode as I don’t want to be creating posts in WordPress just to serve as a holder for the shortcode – and I would like to make it as dynamic as possible – anyone done anything like this before?

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