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  1. disembodied
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hello, on my website I have tabs via CSS that list my main categories and static pages. I have it set up to highlight whatever category (or if the post is in the category) you are currently on.
    However, one issue I am having is lets say a user selects one of my subcategories... my tabbed menu doesn't have an option for that, so if you are on that subcategory's page no tab is highlighted. I would like to have the parent category's tab highlighted.
    Now I know I can do this with multiple if statements the same way I did the rest, or I could use a switch command. But before I did either of those, I wanted to know if there was just some special wordpress code I could use to gather up the parent category and all its subcategories in one easy code.


  2. disembodied
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Well I found a way to do this on another post:


    using the is_child plugin to then use an is_child function is the cleanest, easiest way to do this it seems. And get has the added benefit of working for single pages without using the single page function.


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