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    I’m trying using a database table to update a number of selects dynamically through JSON, but the form won’t save the submitted data.

    Here’s the set up:
    Form has a select (drop-down) registered via the plug-in with a single dummy option.

    The data page for this form shows the select as a column.. which is perfect.

    My form on the front end is manipulated by javascript to update the select with new options, which are pulled from a database. This works. I’m even updating the hidden input value to the new number of options within the select. (Noticed that when comparing to the default US States select, which is generated by the plug-in).

    Javascript is also assigning 0-index values to all of the options, and adding the ‘selected’ attribute to the correct option.

    On submit, however, the value for my dynamic select is not saved to the database (nor sent via email).

    Tried digging through the plug-in to see what I’m missing, and I’m thinking I’ll have to push my items to the getter_script? A bit lost here, since I thought I had covered everything… below is a snippet of userscripts.js that I think I need to modify:

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    Thanks for your help.

    EDIT: I can’t share the link with you for confidentiality reasons, but I’ll try to share what I can.

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    The problem with the ‘select’ functionality as you are trying to use it is that the posted value is always the ‘value’ attribute of the option tag, which in normal usage is just the index of the option. The FM script takes the index and puts the ‘text’ of the option into the database, but your select only has a single dummy option, so that is the problem.

    What you could do is make a form with a ‘text’ form item instead of the ‘list’ type, and then replace it with a select box with JS on the front end. Or make a hidden text, using conditions, and populate this value with a select box. Either way the posted value of the text item will be passed through to the database unchanged (except for stripping HTML tags and security stuff). You could also hook into the ‘submit’ button, as long as you end up calling whatever it is that it calls by default, and use that to post the right value for the text field based on the currently selected option. The only important part of the form items is the ‘name’ of the tag, which is usually the type name followed by a random string. As long as there is a post value associated with that name, everything should be fine.

    I noticed in the code you posted that you are editing the ‘ajax’ version of the form submit, which isn’t used, and should have been removed. I was trying to make a widget for forms, but never finished it.

    Thanks for the quick reply. I think I’ll try replacing a text input, because hiding one would be a disservice to disabled visitors (duplicate fields).

    The code I posted was unaltered from the source. I was just curious if I was looking in the right spot for my jSON to tie in to… but apparently not.

    That said, your third option of hooking into the submit button was what I was trying to find… how might I pass these values and push() them together into the array? (In this way, avoiding a text input type altogether)

    Replacing the text input worked. Thanks for the idea!

    Code below if someone needs it… requires jQuery, though could be written without it

    var select_y = '#text-12345'; // Get the ID after creating the text input
    $(select_y).replaceWith('<select name="text-12345" id="text-12345" />');

    Repeat as many times as necessary. I had 3.

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