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  • Hi guys, i would like a different image to appear in the sidebar depending who authored a particular post.

    So if John Doe authored a post, i would like his image to appear in the sidebar. If Bob authored a post, id like his image to appear in the sidebar.

    Is there a way of doing this?

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  • Hi Ian,

    This blog post explains how to manually add code to do that. Is that something you feel comfortable doing? I can walk you through it if needed.


    I’ve been working on a plugin that can do this. It’s not finished, but you can see it in action on my website, hopefully within a few days it will be done.

    Ah great, that plugin is just what im after! 🙂

    With the code, what file does it go into? And where do i place the image for the author that i want displaying?

    Hi again Ian,

    Here’s the plugin on WordPress: Odai Author Widget

    It’s very basic, but works fine. I plan to add more options later, but if you know how to use CSS, you can easily style it yourself using it’s CSS ID: #odai-author-widget


    You should have a look at Fanciest Author Plugin which is a paid version of fancy author plugin.

    It’s awesome.

    I wanted something like the post author’s name & photograph on the left/right hand side besides the title. When you click on the author, there is an ajax drop down which shows their social profiles & biography along with latest posts & link to all posts done by same author.

    Something sleek would do.

    If you’d help, that would be great.




    I looked at Fanciest Author Plugin, and it is awesome. It gives me some ideas for future versions of my plugin.

    I wrote this quickly to get it out there, but I’m looking to quickly improve it as well. [Contact information redacted – Communication on forums should be carried out on forums]


    I can give you further ideas as well as to how I want it to be.

    You can include a feature of digg digg or digg digg alternative in it to reduce more plugin installations.

    Why don’t you make me a tester of your plugin & we’ll put it out…

    & see how it works.. so to give you better ideas of how it should function..

    What’s more important is the size of the plugin when the site loads… if there are too many https & http requests it would not be beneficial…

    Create a team of testers & take feedback..


    you can use about me plugin with gravatar . IT will do the job

    thanks Andy… for the input.. I am glad! I really appreciate it.

    however, I don’t think this is exactly what I want to have.

    I want a normally big photograph of the post author to be shown on the right hand side exactly besides the date. When a user hovers their mouse on the photograph, the bio & social profiles of the author pop down.

    Or something like that..


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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