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  • reno123


    I am a total newbie in wordpress world and m badly stuck with something that seems to be very simple…
    Basically in a page i want to display 7 images one at a time, as in there would be links like 1-2-3-…7, and whichever link does the user click, corresponding images should be shown on the same page … The following link is something that i want to emulate

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


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  • mores


    The simplest solution would be to insert an image, then a page-break, then an image, then a page-break etc.

    Then again, I fail to remember how to embed a pagination code-thingie. There used to be a button for this in the editor, now there isn’t.
    So I suggest you embed all the images, then switch to the HTML mode and enter the pagebreak code manually: it’s < !–nextpage– >
    Be sure to remove the extra space between the < and ! as well as between the last – and >

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