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    I understand that there is an option to create sections on Elementor and use shortcode to choose for which keywords on Google Ads they will show.

    I have a different question, I’m using SKAG on Google Ads (single keyword ad group), meaning I have around 120 ad groups, each ad group is one keyword, and I want to create a headline using Elementor Widget, that will be the keyword inserted.

    So if someone searched for shoes on Google and clicked on my ad, that specific headline will be “shoes”.

    Is that possible dynamically? without making 120 different url’s? that whatever keyword he searched that will be the headline?

    Thank you!

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  • Again just to make sure, the only way to test is to paste the url to a keyword on a live campaign and search that keyword and click on it?

    That depends on what you call checking.

    You can replace the “{keyword}” with any other word (without the curly brackets) and see if it changes the content on your website.

    If you want to see the whole system working,Google Ads + If-So, I would click once a live result just to be 100% sure it is set up correctly. There is no reason for it not to work. It’s just to make sure you have set it up correctly.

    Ok I’ll do that,

    But at the moment I think anyway something is wrong.
    On the video you sent me when he insert the {keyword} to the url, it shows the word keyword but without the { } which means it’s dynamic.

    On my url it shows the word {keyword}, meaning literally with the { } which I think it means it’s not dynamic.

    Please take a look and let me know what am I doing wrong 🙂{keyword}&utm_medium=Search&utm_campaign=Gifts

    I saw your link, it looks great.

    I think I understand what you were missing. You should only use the curly brackets on Google Ads. Google will automatically replace it with the keyword.

    I though about it too, so I did exactly like the video and pasted the URL on Google Ads one of the keywords Final URL, and the clicked on it.
    Still got the same result with {keyword} instead of keyword like the video.
    I believe it means it will not work.

    Did you try it with a live ad? If you click the URL on the final URL field in your Google reports than, yes, it will show the URL exactly as it is (with the brackets)

    If you don’t want to take any chances, you can use the tracking template field, just like you see in the video, hit the testing button and see the actual URL the user will get to (without the brackets).

    The template works great as long as it’s exact or phrase match.
    On broad modified it takes the + from the keyword also

    What can I do?

    I’ afraid you’ll have to set the keywords manually for the broad modified.
    Instead of {keyword} just type in the actual keyword you want to show on the site, without the brackets.

    Oh wow ok.

    The Final URL and Tracking template has to be on the keyword level or ad level is fine?

    I’m asking since I use SKAG generator, and all the URL’s are on the AD level.
    So if it has to be on the Keyword level I’ll have to do it manually.

    Also on Extensions for example Sitelinks, using {lpurl}?productlp={keyword} will work?

    Will it use the dynamic keyword?

    Both options should work, as far as I know.

    Tha last reply (“both shoudl work”) was regarding the question:
    I’m asking since I use SKAG generator, and all the URL’s are on the AD level.
    So if it has to be on the Keyword level I’ll have to do it manually.

    Sitelinks, I’m not sure, it’s better to refer the question to the Google Ads support team.

    Regarding the Broad Modified.
    If I insert manually the keyword lets say if the keyword is +Bar +Tools and I’ll insert manually =Bar+Tools, isn’t that missing the whole point?

    Broad modified can be a lot of other results than Bar Tools, it can be “Big Bar Sets And Tools” and what will be shown is Bar Tools…

    Also there is no other way to insert the keyword without the + on Broad Modified?
    Since It’s SKAG it’s crazy to go manually and do that.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)
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