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    i wordpress 3.0 and twenty ten theme. I want to change the header with the dynamic headers plugin. Can someone tell me where to put the code in my header.php file?

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    My theme, Twenty Ten Weaver, Version 1.3 now supports Dynamic Headers automatically. Version 1.3 is available now from, and will soon be available as 2010 Weaver from the themes repository. (The current 2010 Weaver Version 1.2.3 does not have the support built in – get the latest version from our website.)

    If you like Twenty Ten, then pick the Twenty Ten sub-theme from Weaver. However, it is very easy to add tweaks to customize your site to your liking.

    I got it to work in Twenty Ten by editing the header.php file

    look for the section that says Houston we have a new image and change it to this

    // Houston, we have a new header image!
    echo get_the_post_thumbnail( $post->ID, ‘post-thumbnail’ );
    else : ?>
    <?php if(function_exists(‘show_media_header’)){ show_media_header(); } ?>
    <?php endif; ?>


    Thank you.

    I was trying this afternoon to figure out the code to make Dynamic Header to work with Twenty Twn and your post was the answer.


    Thank you.

    I was trying this afternoon to figure out the code to make Dynamic Header to work with Twenty Ten and your post was the answer.

    Whoops, I can not spell today.

    I am using the dynamic header plugin on WP 3.01 and twentytenweaver. However when I try to change a header on a page, it doubles the header as you can see here:

    I removed all snippets from 2010 advanced.

    How to solve this?
    As I am on a deadline with this one, help would be very much appreciated!

    Ilja van Bemmel

    Dynamic Headers worked like a charm. troyjensen’s update to header.php works just fine.

    I put in Troyjensen’s code in my header.php file, and the new image shows up, but it is not centered nor does it stretch fully across the width of the screen as the TwentyTen default header did. Instead, it is square-shaped and placed on the left.

    How do I keep the same formatting as the 2010 theme?
    Thank you!

    Make sure you have resized the all the images you want for all pages to be the same as the default for the homepage. My size is 940 x 198.

    Bdehning, thanks for your help with this issue. I have tried resizing before I upload to the default, 940×198, but the problem is still there. Not only in the new headers, but also in the original homepage, where the default photo should be — it no longer stretches out to cover the entire width of the blog post as it used to. Any ideas?

    By the way my website – I’ll leave up the header as it is now, for a day, in case anyone could comment on the issue. Thank you!

    Are you selecting the resized image you want to use at the bottom of each page in the Nicasio Dynamic Header Section below the revision dates?

    Your images are only 640 X 134 in size currently on your site link? IMG_0014.JPG

    Thank you so much, bdehning! I got it!

    I uploaded the dynamic headers plugin, but its Headers says: It looks like wp-content/header-images/ is not writable or does not exist. You will need to create this directory make this directory writable in order for the plugin to work.
    Weaver said that it supported this plugin and I wouldn’t need to code, but now I do and have no clue how to do it correctly. Please help. I do not know CSS, but I can probably find the right box or file that exists in Weaver and put in the code if I’m given the exact steps. Hope you can help!


    Have you verified you have the wp-content/header-images folder?

    so great ! work perfectly
    really good plug.
    thanks for help

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