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  • Hello everyone!

    I am building a website
    it is an agency that provides English language education in UK and soon it will also provide secondary and higher education. Why is this relevant well here goes:

    I want to set up a price calculator where a client can build a course that they want and get a very accurate price. The problem is, there is a myriad of options? some of wich are mutually exclusive.

    For example: if I chose a basic english course, most of my schools will be able to provide that
    However, if I chose a business english course, or a one-to-one only course then the list of possible schools gets a lot shorter. It would be great if I could change the contents of one form based on the selection in a preceding form. Sort of like you get on autotrader, when you select Audi in the make field, you won’t be able to choose cherokee in the model field.

    To further complicate things once all these variables have been selected, I need to add it all together and output a price.

    Could somebody tell me wich currently available plugin is capable of that? I know next to nothing about coding so the more WYSIWIG the better.

    Many thanks

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