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  • I’m learning WordPress and Elementor. What I need to do is a website for an Art Gallery. The situation is this: I need for example a page listing all the artists the gallery represents, with images and names. This data as I understand should be read from the database. Now, for every artist, I need a page with a Bio, Picture and a list of artworks with captions. That I suppose should also come from the database. I need a way to add and manage the list of artists and their info and artworks.

    Now, I’m learning from Elementor tutorials. I like this plugin a lot, it produces really nice results. But as I understand it, it’s all static content. How to combine WordPress with Elementor with Dynamic content retrieved from the database and how to add and manage that content?

    I have a general overview of the webdesign and webdevelopment subject matter. Though I’d rather stick to a codeless solution.

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  • Hello Aardo. You could use WordPress’s categories (organization of posts) to display a category (which you could assign to the artist) and east post would need to be tagged under that category (again, artist). Then you could set each artist’s page to the archive page. If you wanted to display the artist picture and bio, you would have to alter the “archive.php” in the theme to reflect that – which is a bit more advanced. That is the plain and simple way of going about your quest with WordPress alone.

    This would help you do the above:

    I’m unfamiliar to the Elementor page build and could not comment on that approach. If there is an image (I’m thinking pics of artists) grid tool you could use to link to a page, and then on the page just display their artwork, that would be a simple way too. Good luck.

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    Graham’s suggestion of categories is a good one. I think he’s assuming every art work is a post, which is good if there’s a lot of data that would accompany each work. If related data is minimal, using attachments instead of posts would be more efficient, but would involve some coding to pull it off.

    Expanding on the category idea, most themes do not output the category description when showing category archive lists. A small amount of code added to the archive template can fix that. Then you can place the artist picture reference and bio in the category description field. By default I think it disallows the HTML required for a picture reference. A little more code would correct that.

    Better yet, find a plugin that allows you to create arbitrary custom fields for category terms. Then you can create more structured data for each artist category. Again, some extra code will be required on the archive template to display such fields. The plugin docs should tell you how to do this.

    Since your goal is to avoid developing your own custom code, the Developing WordPress forum is not the best place for your topic. I’m moving it to Fixing WordPress Forum. We know this doesn’t always make sense, but it’s where topics like this belong. The topic URL remains unchanged.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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