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    I’d like to use eg. a Row Block in custom post type templates, sparing a bunch of time of adding every each content element manually, one by one.

    I’d like to create a Facebook like block with Kadence Row Block, defining a cover image as a Row Block background image (fallback is a color) and add a profile image into it, besides other dynamic text content like custom post type custom field and / or custom taxonomy value.
    every content in the cover image area and also the profile image is dynamic

    ( I use Toolset for managing CPTs, CTs and CFs )

    As I see Kadence Blocks is working now the static way: we need to use them only on the individual post, pages, CPTs.
    But how can we use them in content templates ( not meaning WP PHP files but Toolset or other page builder CPT single or archive templates, eg.:

    AFAIK Elementor can also use dynamic content…

    So can we do it with Kadence? How?

    Thank you!

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  • I’m not super familiar with toolset but from what I understand of their product you can use a row layout within their templates right now. can you explain what you are seeing when you try?


    Point being that all the dynamic content would come from their blocks that you would add as inner content for a row layout which would be the static part.

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    Yes, I can use your Row Blocks within Toolset templates, but I can not add into it any dynamic value.
    Obviously your FB cover and profile image is different than mine, and I also think our name, email, motto is also different, so I’d like to add them dynamically 🙂

    You can check Toolset’s reference sites, eg.:
    where Trainers, Gyms data are all dynamic values.
    Both Trainers and Gyms custom post types has a single and archive content template.

    You can check a demo or use a test site from here:

    BTW the payed Elementor Pro handles dynamic content, so Kadence Block may follow them… 🙂

    I either would add those dynamic values with Toolset’s GUI or via standard Toolset shortcodes, like:
    [types field=”cover-image”][/types]

    Thank you!

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    Perhaps I am not understanding.

    Are you wanting to set the background of the row block with dynamic content? Is that what you are asking for?


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    Yes, in a Toolset content template.
    So NOT by setting it manually one-by-one, without using Toolset CT.

    I don’t have a better example than a FB cover area: users upload their profile and cover image, enter other text personal data and the content template sets the cover area layout up properly, so neither the users nor me had to deal with it manually, one-by-one…



    Hey @vanetreg,
    You can make a block reuseable, would that work for you? You can add whatever content you want to a row layout block, then make that entire row layout block reusable for any of your other pages. Is that what you’re thinking or am I missing something?


    @vanetreg I’m looking into this.

    However, since Gutenberg creates static blocks that are html and do not get updated outside of the editor its not something that I see being part of the row layout (because it’s a static block). You can create dynamic blocks in Gutenberg where the html is built on page load through php. That is what you would need for full dynamic content support.

    So it seems the best people to create these types of blocks are the developers at toolset.

    Does that clarify?


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    @hannahritner I don’t think reusable means dynamic content.

    thank you

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    @britner Toolset has their own dynamic blocks:
    but they miss some useful ones, that’s why I tested Kadence Blocks.

    I close thread,
    thank you.

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