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  • I have looked everywhere and can’t find a plugin or workaround for this.

    I am doing a mailer to potential clients and want to personalize the landing page based on the URL slug ( What I want is to pull data and populate some merge tags I have specified in the page content like name, company size, company contact person, etc)

    So when client “ABC Solutions” visits the site at, they see “Welcome Joe Smith at ABC Solutions… we know your company size is around 200 employees…”

    But if XYZ Solutions visits, they may see something like “Welcome Steve Jones at XYZ Solutions… we know your company size is around 300 employees…”

    At the very basic level, I am hoping to at least be able to merge 1 tag in from the slug so at least I can merge the slug into the content. Adding the other dynamic content is a bonus.


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  • I’m lost. Why wouldn’t you just create the page with information specific for ABC Solutions company? I’m not sure why you have to “merge the slug into the content”. I have no idea what that means. What do you mean when you say “merge tag”? Is this from a plugin?

    I would be more worried about someone from ABC solutions visiting, actually.

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    Its for a marketing campaign. I am sending out a mailer to a few thousand business and I want to personalize the website they go to. Instead of bulk creating 2500 sub directories using WordPress multisite or creating 2500 pages on one WordPress install I wanted to create the content dynamically. By a “merge tag” I mean something that would populate based on the URL slug. So would populate ABC somewhere inside the content of that page.

    I see. You’d only get a URL from an actual page, though. You’d still need to create those pages, which would be quite the task.

    I’m thinking that maybe importing a csv file might be the way to go. Maybe this plugin?

    I had seen that plugin before… I was wondering if there was a 404 plugin out there that may accomplish this task since each of those slugs could technically serve up a 404 page.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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