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  • Hysteriux


    Hey folks. I have an idea for something that i think could be cool.

    Think of it as a page with let’s say 20 blogs visible when you first enter it. The blogs aren’t simply vertically listed, but horizontal as well. So 20 little boxes with the blogs’ names and most recent post in a wall dynamically fit to the brower’s window, each one owned and controlled by a different user (should there actually be 20 users yet.)

    Now imagine that this wall is just part of a much bigger wall that can be expanded. You can click on a + to reveal even more blogs, doubling the amount showed on screen. Let’s say up to 80 boxes that each is its own blog on the same page, not simply the same website, are now visible on your screen at the same time regardless of its resolution. The text of course has to shrink along with the boxes to make all these fit, only displaying the name of the user for each one in a small font. In the same way it should be possible to show fewer blogs at the same time by clicking a – , each time halving the amount of blogs showed on the screen down to let’s say four.

    Regardless of how many blogs that currently are showing, it should be possible to navigate the wall in eight directions by clicking an arrow or so. If you for example are viewing ten blogs on your screen, and you click an arrow to go right, the next ten blogs will slide in from the right, unloading the blogs on the previous page and loading the new ones up dynamically. When you click one of the usernames/blog names/text in a box, that blog expands to cover most of the screen.

    The interface is always showing, like a thin strip of buttons at the top or something and has the minimizing and maximizing functions, register, etc. And perhaps a “Search” button that folds down another part of the interface that shows a free-search input-field as well as a list of letters and numbers. Perhaps a keyword-cloud could be cool to have there as well.

    So that’s my idea. A whole blogging community on the same page that has as many blogs as there are users that only has as many of them loaded at the same time in a browser as the one browsing allows (so that the browser doesn’t consume gigs of RAM) and that loads up the next set of blogs dynamically as the visitors navigates the wall.

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  • Kinda like Opera’s speed dial thing, Right?
    Sounds cool, You can use RSS to fetch new posts from these pages… Like on JimmyR’s site fetching top news from different websites.

    Yes, it would probably look very much like that.

    I’m not sure i follow you. I might have been registered here for a long time but i haven’t actually been here in years. I don’t know who JimmyR is or what his works are.

    You’re saying i could use RSS in each one of the blocks for the blog-wall idea? Hmm… that might actually be a very easy solution to the fetching-part i guess. But what about the back-end then? I mean, when a person registers, he/she would then be writing his/her blog on a page separate from the wall to then be fetched and appear on the wall once pusblihsed. But wouldn’t that be more like having two sites? I was more thinking of the actual editing being done directly on the wall itself, with the block chosen by a newly regged member for example which would expand to cover the screen and display a set of editing-buttons etc.

    I’m not very talented with code (and English isn’t even my native language btw) so i’m not sure how i would go ahead and build this myself. That’s kinda why i posted the suggestion in this board, for the devs of WP to perhaps take interest and add it as a feature some time.

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