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Dynamic Base URL

  • Hey all,

    I would like to setup my site so that the base URL can be changed on the fly. I currently have it working so that the site will respond to http://hunt.homelinux.net/family/, http://hunt.homelinux.net/wil/ and http://hunt.homelinux.net/jessica/. Further, I have the index.php page set to only show posts appropriate based on the URL.

    What I can’t easily do is get WordPress to use these base URLs as it’s base when it generates links to categories, admin functions and so forth. So it then falls back to …/family/, which was the first one.

    Is there a plugin, or can someone give me a few tipes (I’m a Java guy, not a PHP guy) as to how the base URL can be adjusted dynamically based on the $_SESSION[‘REQUEST_URI’]?



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