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  1. wilh
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hey all,

    I would like to setup my site so that the base URL can be changed on the fly. I currently have it working so that the site will respond to http://hunt.homelinux.net/family/, http://hunt.homelinux.net/wil/ and http://hunt.homelinux.net/jessica/. Further, I have the index.php page set to only show posts appropriate based on the URL.

    What I can't easily do is get WordPress to use these base URLs as it's base when it generates links to categories, admin functions and so forth. So it then falls back to .../family/, which was the first one.

    Is there a plugin, or can someone give me a few tipes (I'm a Java guy, not a PHP guy) as to how the base URL can be adjusted dynamically based on the $_SESSION['REQUEST_URI']?



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