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  • hi guys, im searching for a customizeable Plugin / Script, that let me simple create a list where i can define the columns. E.G.

    Movie | Genre | Rating
    Book title | Author | Read? | Rating

    or something like this. And then i (and other roles) should be able to add items to that list. In my example this would be movies/ DVDs.
    And if god listen to me, this plugin has also customizable details page for (in my example) each movie. So in the list, each movie name should be a link. And if i follow that link, the page with details about this movie will open where i can find: trailers, pictures, links, description… stuff like that. Is there anythin out there? 1/2h google search didnt bring me something

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  • See if something like the Supple Forms or More Fields or Custom Fields Template plugins might help you.

    supple Forms come very very close.

    The only thing i cant use it is the display oportunities. You just can define your forms which you have been added. You can’t have one big form and ADD ITEMs to it.

    i want it like this:

    1 . creating a box, named e.g. “book collection”
    looks like thiss:


    2. Creating Columns/Fields e.g.”title” or “genre”
    looks like this:

    Book Title | Author | Rating | Genre | Read? | and so on

    3. Ability to ADD VALUES as a single object (in this example: books) to that table:

    in write post/page near the custom fields:

    Book title: text
    Author: your text
    Read?: dropdown list with “yes” or “no”
    and so on.
    Then you can click “add” and it appears in the Table.
    displayed like this:

    Book Title | Author | Rating | Genre | Read? | and so on

    MySakrileg | Sumit1 |..5/10..| Funny |…| you get it?

    And then you can add another one if you want.
    I think no of this plugins can do this. 🙁
    any non-wordpress-scripts would do the job also. I just can’t find one.

    ok the plugin PODs did it. Great plugin. Thanks for your help michaelH

    Sumit1988 – could you provide a link to that plugin, please.

    Thanks for that.

    thought you guys know pods

    one of the most powerfull plugins for WordPress

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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