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  • hello there !

    i recently decided to combine 2 hobby’s of mine. my love for android and my love for the web by building a website about android news and applications.

    i need some fresh eyes on this to see where i make some improvements. especially i’d like to know what you think about the green link color in with the white background in posts. can you read it ok or should i make it darker ?

    also i’d like to know what would be the best way to go about translating the blog to english ?

    thnx in advance ! yours, john.

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  • somehow the link above is non clickable. and i cannot edit the post. so here it is again :

    Same issue again. Try this:

    Nice! Just get that “Contact” link to fit on the first navigation row. Just a little editing with CSS can get you there!

    thank you feckcorp , i didn’t notice myself. it only occured with certain browser / resolution sizes

    Looks much better now!

    so what about the green vs white background as stated in the OP ? is it readable ?

    I like the lay-out in general. The sections all seems to be functional and well done.

    You can improve the header area though. First of all with the logo, I think wrong choice of fonts? Go with the more modern, simple bold/sleek fonts since it’s more reflective of the android brand. And you can put it in the left side and use the free space in the right side for something eles (like a search bar, or maybe for a banner).

    The post area seems to be a little plain. You can spice it up a bit by changing the font color of the post title to something else during mouse hover. Or something like that.

    Good job though!

    thanks blogdesigntheme. i implemented your sugesstions , its stil a work in progresss though. i intend to make the logo a bit smaller and higher in the near future to make the banner float , surrounded by a white background.

    fixed the top banner and logo now. looks alot better , thnx for the suggestions so far !

    Nice blog, But i think you can add multiple languages to your blog. try google translate.

    Good Site with nice favicon, I like your theme.

    Nice looking site. I like the theme and the general layout/format. However, I agree with @blogdesignteam about your logo. I would make a graphic of the entire logo and make it bigger. It is hard to see and looks like the advertising banner is taking almost all the room. I would have a smaller advertising banner and a bigger logo.

    Also, I would darken the green color for the links.

    I would disable the comment section in your Contact page. There should be no reason for anyone to leave a comment on that page, cause if they wanted to contact you then they just have to fill out the above form.

    And lastly, I would seriously consider adding a privacy policy and/or terms of use page on the site. It will tell users what they can and cannot do on your site.

    It looks really good. Good Luck!!

    I think the site is pushing content extremely well. Though, the logo makes the site seem really cheap and dull.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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