• What of the show is on? Why am I in amini panel when scanning runs, the strip do left-right. What is the meaning of it? If it showed the progress in percent – ok, but now it is garbage. Why do I need a graph of how many attacks the plug-in totalized today? In my admin panel? Which is updated every few minutes and load my server. How does this apply to my site?
    I understand why the “beauty” needed for the front of website, but this…

    Three stars just because this plugin seems to really protect the site, but I’m not sure about it, so far I only see “dust in the eyes”.

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    Hi @akkoxe!

    People typically use the statistics in Wordfence to get an idea of what is currently going on in regards to security on their sites and to make sure that Wordfence is doing it’s job. Most of the requests we get related to statistics is more of them. But opinions can differ of course depending on individual needs.

    Thanks for the feedback. I hope you continue to enjoy Wordfence!

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