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    Ok, I am having problems with the new dusk theme from Becca Rei. I like the theme, but in IE it is not functioning properly at all. The entire sidebar is all the way at the bottom of the page and centered. Firefox works perfectly, and it validates xhtml and css just fine with the small exception of a “Property voice-family doesn’t exist for media” error on a couple lines. Can anyone take a look at this and give me suggestions on where to look?


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  • A problem like that in IE is generally due to something added either to the content area or the sidebar itself which is too wide for the stated dimensions of the elements.

    Check your additions for long titles, large fonts, and wide graphics.

    Well, I haven’t added anything to it aside from very basic linnks to the side bar. Nothing anomylous in the slightest. Even the Demo on becca’s sight has this display problem. I’ve put up a comment for her, and it may be that she will be the one to fix it, just wondered if anyone had any further insight. and and all have the same issue.

    @ content
    take a look at the margin-right margin-left or padding-right
    sometimes they are too wide for IE
    it’s not always a prob of the sidebar

    sidebar =width: 210px;
    content=width: 550px;
    padding: 0 20px 0 35px;
    #wrapper {
    width: 760px;

    IE and browsers use margin and padding different and so
    IE says (to Bill Gates scnr) wrapper=760,content:550px +20px+35px =605px
    sidebar =210px;
    that’s the problem


    Well, I loaded it on a test-bed, and it displays perfectly in IE – clear down to 800×600, and all the way up to 1600×1200. I don’t see what you’re apparently seeing at all….

    Ok, I’m no genius, in fact most of the time i make things work only after breaking them far worse, but i’ve got it displaying almost normally by stealing 5 pixels from the padding, so it’s 0 15px 0 35px. i know no other way to make it work. what am i overlooking?

    Really? What the hell am i doing wrong then.

    displays fine on IE, too, here. Do you have the latest IE version?

    if he had the newest IE is’n usefeul
    his design is broken

    only 5px less can’t solve your problem

    wrapper=760,content:550px +15px+35px =600px
    sidebar =210px;!!!!

    try to reduce the padding and the margin

    *take a deep breath and figure it out*

    Monika, if he’s done nothing and it’s not displaying properly OOB in his browser, it MIGHT be a version problem. I doubt it’s as complicated as that he needs to change margin and padding – UNLESS he’s on IE/mac or win5.5 or something weird like that.

    If others are seeing it fine in IE and can’t reproduce his problem, and he hasn’t done anything to it, it probably can’t be inherent in Becca’s code OOB. Becca’s stuff is always quite good….

    dnilson, I just checked your site again in IE – looks just like it did yesterday, absolutely no problems – and that’s at 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024, and 1600×1200 on two different 17″ screens.

    In IE 5.5 (win) the sidebar goes down…

    I’m not surprised…. piece of crap browser that it is. I have GOT to get my other IEs installed again one of these days….

    Can’t remember offhand what the specific fix for that is without breaking something else – is it one of the Holly hacks, or the Tan box-model hack? Too many tweaks….
    That’s the first place I’d go for any CSS hacks.

    Ok. You guys are right, if it works OOB for others, it has to be something silly I’m overlooking. Thanks for testing it out for me everyone!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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