During the process of deleting thousands of spam items, website is inaccessible. (3 posts)

  1. jessispeer
    Posted 2 years ago #

    This is incredibly frustrating...I've been fighting a spammer's comments over the past couple months. I don't know how they made the comments because there was no comment box on my website. They generate hundreds of pingbacks everyday, just on my website, and I didn't know how to keep up. I changed my password and made it very strong a few weeks ago, so I figured at that point that the hacker/spammer would be locked out. Then I continued marking them as spam today, and after clicking "Submit" the last time, when the page refreshed, I was redirected to the wordpress installation page!! Now my website seems to be gone (http://dantreranch.com) and even after I tried going through with the installation and it said the installation was successful, I was redirected to the installation page AGAIN! On the page where it said the installation was successful, it also had TONS of jargon about user "wrd71drWkrB" and how their entries failed or something. I'm assuming that user is the spammer. What did I do wrong?! PLEASE help me restore my website!!! I can't believe this, spammers are horrible people... Any advice on how to block spam/hackers after getting my website back would be most appreciated as well.

  2. esmi
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  3. jessispeer
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    Thank you!!

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