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  • Hi all:

    Google recently came out with some clarification on duplicate content.

    And now i’m confused here on what should i do next to my that helps you to avoid being penalized by Google for duplicate content. Usually WordPress blogs list the same content on main page, on category page, on archive page, and in feeds.

    Have have not heard much from the “wordpress pros” regarding this issue. What’s the deal?

    Is the DupPrevent Plugin worth using? How about all the tags and categories ans feeds you already have up?


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  • isn’t anybody concerned about duplicate content on wordpress blogs?

    No; I’ve always remove the duplicate issues from my themes (since starting with WordPress in 2004).

    I just remove the_content from archives and category pages, which gives you a nice easily-scannable “table of contents” approach.

    In my view, it’s a usability issue as well. Say you have two posts in a category; duplicate content issues aside, it’s one thing to have those two posts displaying in full on the category page. But if you have 52 posts in a category? That would be rather overwhelming — and it would be difficult to scan down the page to see what you might like to read. However, later versions of WordPress display only 5(?) posts on the archive pages (with before/after links), which I think is quite confusing to the visitor (giving a “where am I?” feel to it). So I use Matt Read’s Custom Query String to enable WordPress to display a list of *all* posts in each category … which, in my case, are usually just titles and, possibly, the_excerpt.

    Anyway. Hope some of this is helpful to you.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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