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  • Resolved Kai J.


    Hi there,

    my website runs under WP 5.6.2 and since today under 5.7, which makes no difference.

    My server runs php 7.4.9 with MariaDB 10.3.21

    Problem: i cannot create new archives. When clicking on the corresponding button just nothing happens. Null.

    I never ever had a problem with Duplicator (and i’m using it since…hm….a while).

    Any hints?


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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey @kjoussen

    Thanks for the feedback! There are a few items in the FAQ that may provide a solution to this issue, option 1 might be worth trying:

        – Why is the Duplicator Plugin user interface (UI) having issues?

    If you would like to submit a support ticket for this issue we can have a closer look at your setup. Please provide a link to this forum thread when submitting the ticket.


    Thread Starter Kai J.


    Sorry, nothing helped.

    So i took my Dev-Notebook where a local copy of my site is running.

    First under WP 5.5 and Duplicator is running.
    Then i upgraded to 5.7 -> Dup is running
    After this i updated step by step 12 plugins to the newest version -> Dup is running

    Well, back to live machine.

    Beside upgrading WP and some plugins nothing changed on my site, which i host on my own server at home, by the way.

    Even the browser console shows nothing.

    What really happens, when clicking the button “New Archive” (URL = https://www.[XXXXXX].de/wp-admin/admin.php?page=duplicator&tab=new1&_wpnonce=da107d6541) is simply nothing.
    Normally the favicon will change to the well know turning circle to show that the page reloads or is redirected to another page…but no. Nothing.

    I also did not change anything for months now on my server (Synology).

    I can’t explain at all.


    Thread Starter Kai J.



    Even after deactivating and deinstalling – restart server – reinstalling duplicator the mentioned button is still “inactive”.

    All other subpages of duplicator (like settings) are working fine.

    Thread Starter Kai J.


    One more addendum……but a weird one.

    If i do not click the Button “New Archive” but make a right-click and “open in new tab”….tada…..working.

    At least the page itself where i can set all desired archive settings like file filters, hostname etc.

    After the start of scanning it takes 2 or 3s sec and i receive an error.

    Serverstatus: 200-OK
    and after this a huge list of (probably all of my) files and so on.

    Well….i don’t know what to do any further.

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    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey @kjoussen,

    It’s tough to tell, I’m not 100% sure. If you want to submit a ticket we could try and have a look at the issue (see above).


    Thread Starter Kai J.


    I opened today a ticket and mentioned this thread here…

    We will see….thanks anyway

    Thread Starter Kai J.


    Now i’m officially impressed.

    After a bit more than a week, with a lot of patience and ftp-ing on my server, the support found the error.
    And this for the free (!) version is amazing.

    Fun fact here: the faulty “thing” was in the options.php of my own developed theme.
    But it worked until and including wordpress 5.5.4, so there must be a side effect which came with a wordpress update.

    However, fixed.
    Now i have to change my theme’s option.php.

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