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    I’m trying out Duplicator to clone a blog. I’ve made a package and downloaded it, it appears to be a valid zip file. But I can’t find the install.php file anywhere. I’m assuming it should be downloaded into the the same folder as the It’s not visible there or in the snapshots folder on the server.

    Am I missing something obvious?


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  • Well Doh! I’m blind, stupid, tired, or some combination of all three…

    I’ve just discovered the “Install” button that dosen’t install anything – but just downloads the file.

    For what it’s worth it can also be found here:

    This makes cloning a blog to the same server much faster – as you can avoid downloading and re-upping the files – just move/copy to the new folder using cpanel or your FTP client

    Hey flippertie,

    I have received some feed back on the install button being a bit confusing. In future updates I plan to tie the installer directly to the package so the link will move a little bit, and hopefully be less confusing.

    Hope that helps!

    Thanks for the fast reply – much appreciated! It was late last night and I wasn’t at my sharpest – but I did get the site cloned in the end πŸ™‚

    Can I suggest a quick mod to the documentation to mention the location of the install.php file? As I said above it would be a help to people who want to duplicate a wp installation within a Cpanel account.

    Yep late nights I know exactly what you mean πŸ™‚

    Sounds good! I’ll get it in there the next time I update the docs!

    …and here I am in the middle of one….just got to do one more thing before going to sleep…..just got to upload this site and actually finish this video tutorial I am making of how the Duplicator works…:) Hmm well I am tired and just now uploaded my new wordpress site to my existing html site. But received an Internal Server error so I obviously forgot something. Hmm this is the url: a pretty obvious error. But I then need to look at my own video to see where I created the error.

    Now I have two sites that do not work…. o ‘well guess the site is just taking a rest for the moment.

    I am uploading the video right now.Β Or thought I would but Screenflow is doing the beach ball thingie. Ok seems someone is trying to tell me something. Time to sleep and just leave it until tomorrow morning.

    When I got my site uploaded I initially received the same Error 500 -internal server config errors that paaljoachim is seeing. The problem was within the .htaccess file. I don’t know exactly what it was – my host’s tech support fixed it, but the file they put there looked exactly the same as the one I had created.

    At that point the front page of the site looked ok – but I couldn’t get to the WP login page because of the same sort of path error ie – part of the path is duplicated.

    I couldn’t get it sorted out and gave up in the end, deleted and reinstalled a clean WP installation.

    I’ll give duplicator another try when I have more time – it looks like it could be incredibly useful once i get it figured out…

    I have earlier tried it on another site with the same host provider and it then worked, but this time I made an error as I was sloppy and very tired (hey it seems to go around you had it flippertie and now I got it..:). I forgot to click Install URL (Click to get link to the right). I deleted the wordpress install and the additional files. Uploaded the same files again, but I am now just getting the:

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Apache Server at Port 80

    It seems to have gone into a loop. Ok Now I am going to sleep…..

    Heya Cory and flippertie and everyone else!

    How do I reset so that I can reupload without getting the Internal Server Error for the site?

    The first time I uploaded to this site the site zip, install.php and index.php file instead of clicking the link Install URL I filled in with Agh what a mistake..

    So we need a late night we can still do this kind a error protection. If one fills out with the wrong info there should be an auto check and an error message that comes up. Also an auto complete if possible. The more auto the better…:)

    If you can’t fix it through modifying the .htaccess then I guess you’re best off by cleaning out completely and starting again –
    Delete the folder on the server, the mySQL database and user associated with the install and perhaps generate a new Duplicator package.
    You should be able to do that through your cpanel.

    Good luck, and post back your results!

    I am just going to wait for a response from Cory (developer) before I do anything with (site is not working now.)

    Here is my temporary tutorial with my error along the way.

    It is unlisted, and I will need to create another tutorial that does this in the correct way. With a result that works not ends up in an internal error.

    From talking with bluehost over the chat. It seems when making an error with the Duplicator the htaccess file can get mucked up as you already mentioned flippertie. So the 500 internal error is activated. Renaming the htaccess to something else another will automatically be created.

    So Bluehost renamed the htaccess file and suddenly I was able to go back into the install.php so it seems that I can now reinstall the site. (I have not do so yet though) I have e-mailed Cory so hopefully he can create Duplicator more fool, drowsy, sleepy prof. So the problem is that when one makes a mistake somewhere that the htaccess file gets rewritten with whatever data that can provocate the 500 server error to come forth. This means that the Duplicator should make a backup of the htaccess file and when everything works it can delete the extra htaccess file. If something goes wrong the person will then have a backup of the htaccess file.

    Alrighty. The report from the kinda voluntary tester…:)

    Thanks for the confirmation. I tried editing my .htaccess with no success. I didn’t know that I could have just deleted/renamed it…

    So what I do know from experience is this:
    – 500 internal server error has to to with the .htaccess file. By renaming/deleting one can start over with the install procedure. (I think it was so)

    – I also had another error with another site. It was because I had changed my permission from 755 to 777 and that caused an error. Bluehost told me to change it back to 755. I did and the site came up.

    Here is a tutorial on using Duplicator. I have created some errors on purpose.

    Here is another mostly working Duplicator tutorial.

    My site logo image was mucked up, stretching across and down. I do not know yet how to fix this though.

    I also tried it with another site and that worked out fine. But the other site has a text site logo. I am not sure if it makes a difference or not though. I will also be using the Duplicator with other sites I am going to upload as well.

    The plugin is still in beta, which is something to remember.

    A new video tutorial on Duplicator is located here:

    Nice tutorial.

    You didn’t mention the .htaccess problems that lead both of us here. It might be good to add a quick note or link to this thread so that anyone else who gets the 500 Server internal error has an answer to fix it.

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