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  • I’ve installed Instant WordPress on my local computer so I can perform development without impacting the WordPress website I webmaster. I installed the Duplicator plugin on my production website and on the Instant WordPress on my home computer. I downloaded the production duplicator package and the installer to my home computer. I cannot get the installer to work.
    Clicking on the install.php asks what to open it with. If I open it in IE9 it opens an IE download window which is blank. In Google the .php is displayed as a text file. The video doesn’t tell you how to launch the installed. I tried going to the .php file using IE directly, but it cannot find it (404). I tried launching Instant WordPress and moving the install.php file to various directories but it fails to launch. One thing I notice is that the Installer download button in the Duplicator panel is not on the same line as the package but about above it?
    What am I missing? Is the Duplicator plugin not creating the installer correctly? Or does the installer have to be somewhere in particular for it to work? How come the Duplicator plugin doesn’t have an Install button where you specify where the package is and it loads it?

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  • Hey sdiverdan,

    Thats allot of questions let me try to break it down. The first part where you see the .php as text is an indication that your web server isn’t configured to correctly serve up php files.

    You should be able to Google how to get your web server setup so that it servers .php files. You can easily test by creating a test.php file and then putting in the function phpinfo() inside to see if it renders.

    I think once you get php working locally you won’t see any of the other issues your seeing…

    Hope this helps…

    thanks lifeinthegrid, that did help. However I still could not get the php to launch. I gave up and purchased the Instant WordPress Unleashed document. To anyone reading this, it’s worth it. Chapter 3 gives a detailed step by step procedure to duplicate a WordPress into Instant WordPress.
    My problem was that the install.php executable from Duplicator had to be in the root of the local host. I moved this around several directories but could not find it. The Unleashed document made it real easy to do…

    Hey sdiverdan,

    Does that guide actually mention using the Duplicator plugin or does it use another process?


    Yes it uses the Duplicator plugin. What is good about the book is it breaks the process down into very simple steps. 23 to be precise.

    The good news is that my complete WordPress website is now sitting on a USB stick! Now I can do major changes and play in my sandbox without impacting my real website!

    Excellent glad you where able to get things working!

    I’m trying duplicator plug in everything works until the very last end. When I go to the duplicated site, it just redirects me to the original site. Here have a try with this link any ideas on how to fix it are welcome

    Hey sdiveran,

    It looks like you have a redirect setup somewhere. You can validate with this tool:

    There are several places a redirect can be setup, here are a few:
    1. A redirect plugin you may have installed
    2. In a .htaccess file
    3. Inside an html file via a meta refresh tag or a JavaScript redirect.
    4. Some cpanels allow for redirects.

    You might have to contact your hosting provider if your unable to figure out where the redirect is happening…

    Hope that helps.

    I was having a difficult time getting install.php to run. It needs to be located in the Drive\InstantWP_4.1\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress directory.

    It is funny, because every time I install this I struggle with getting this correct. Usually takes about 1/2 an hour to figure it out.

    (old dog, new tricks)

    Hey Afaivre,

    If you want to submit your logs to I can take a look at them and we can work through any issues you might have…

    I think I found the redirect problem. Does Duplicator work with Multi Sites versions of WordPress?

    Hey Brianlockwood,

    Awesome! I haven’t tested it on multi-site, but if anyone does I would like to get feedback as to their experience…

    To read the intaller.php file you save it to /Applications/MAMP/htdocs
    as well as the zip file (do not unzip).
    The navegate with the browser to localhost:8888, to be able to see all the php scrips of the directory.
    Now click on installer.php.

    It worked after many rounds and rounds.
    Note: Do not work if you only write localhost.

    See also for a bit of explanation.

    I’ve follow step by step Instant WordPress Unleashed Document to move ny IW to Web on Chapter 4 until page 63. but i have no idea how to launch the installer, I’ve click on the file at File zilla or copy url to my browser but it’s not work and duplicator deploy page could not open.
    Please how should I do?. Thanks.

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