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    The duplicator installer was in a subfolder where I was setting up a development site.
    it was throwing the usual error for when the firewall is acting up: showing just the date on the front end.

    Looking in wordfence of the root site I found in live traffic blocked by firewall:
    It gave me a bunch of code including this: installer.php and was blocked by firewall for LFI: Local File Inclusion in POST body: path_new=(gobbledygook private info here) and specified the subfolder and installer file.

    I tried whitelisting it but it still didn’t work. I had to totally disable Wordfence AND switch browsers to get the installer to do it’s job without blocking it.

    I don’t know if its related (probably not but I’ve had this issue before) but it says I’m running Firefox and thinks I’m a bot instead of a human. (Technically it’s Waterfox, a branch of Firefox but either way I don’t think it should be calling me a ‘bot’.)

    Is there anyway I can prevent this in the future?

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  • wfalaa



    After whitelisting this URL, can you confirm it was added to (Wordfence > Firewall > Firewall Options > Whitelisted URLs)?

    Also, I can’t recall any Wordfence blocking page that is “showing just the date on the front end”, can you share a screenshot showing this page? it could be another plugin or script installed on the server.


    Hi @starhorsepax2

    Since we haven’t heard from you for a while I’m going to go ahead and resolve this thread. If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to open a new one.


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