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    I had run Duplicator once and it worked perfectly. Then I installed the duplicate site I had created to another folder on my server, made some changes to the new version of the site that I installed and then I tried to duplicate it again to make a backup, but then it didn’t work.

    It kept giving me error messages, but I checked all the possible issues it was suggesting and when I ran the test it showed everything was OK with my server. Eventually I just gave up since it was not going anywhere and I could not figure out what the issue was.

    But then yesterday I discovered from my web host that I was having server space issues. My server space usage had increased by over 10gig. Eventually I realized a folder was created with large backup files files. It seems Duplicator caused this problem. And I am not sure why the files it created were so big or why it had added them to my server. The size of the site I was copying was only a few megabytes, but the junk files it created on the server were gigs.

    Anyway, no worries. I am using another wordpress plugin for backup now which doesn’t have any problems, but just letting people know that this plugin could cause your server to fill up with massive amounts of junk files and perhaps cripple your server storage allocation limits if things don’t work right with it.

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey Marc,

    That is very strange! This has never been reported in over 300k downloads. Can you be more specific as to the location and the exact file names that were created?

    It seems Duplicator caused them

    does not really shed any light on the issue… You would be the very first person that has ever reported this issue. I have a feeling you my have another cron job or something that caused the issue…


    Thank you for your feedback. The directory that was created on my server filled with the huge stash of files was called wp-snapshots. It definitely came from Duplicator I am afraid. I already deleted the huge amount of files in there since the other day as it was bogging down my server, but to confirm what I was saying I just ran Duplicator again and it recreated that directory and filled it with more junk files. Again it failed in its duplication process on my site as well at

    This time the files is created weren’t in the gigs, but the same thing did happen again.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey Marc,

    I believe I see the issue. The junk files your talking about are zip files that never got to finish because your server most likely timed out during the backup process, do to timeout restrictions on your server. The next version of the plugin (0.5.0) which is coming out soon should help you easily remove these files. Right now you have to manually delete them if a packages fails…

    You may still run into space issues eventually regardless of whatever backup plugin you use… If your site is already large which I assume it is (being a photography website with lots of high def images). Then trying to backup all those images will most likely create a large package archive file. If your site is say 250MB in size then creating just 20 packages or backups using other backup mechanism is going to put you at about 5GB of data pretty quick. If your on a shared host this is going to become an issue very quickly. Eventually it won’t matter what backup plugin your using you will start to run into issues with size limits.

    If you decide to try the Duplicator again, the next version slated for January sometime should help you alleviate any unfinished/process zip files that were terminated by the timeouts on your server and allow for any easy cleanup process…


    Thanks for explaining, but if server timeouts is a big problem then it sounds like your plugin has other issues too I am sorry to say. After many failed attempts with Duplicator I switched to WP Clone by WP Academy and no problems at all backing up my site. No failed attempts, etc.

    My site is less than 45MB though and I only had about 6-7 failed attempts. So I am not sure how that folder got to a size of over 10GB.

    I don’t actually have any size limits on my server, but I do have size limits to make backups of my entire server. So that is the issue with having all these junk files on my server.

    I may not try Duplicator again though if the issue about server timeouts can’t be resolved. As I said, the plugin worked once on my site, but then not again later with the same site. So I am not sure even if it is a server timeout issue if it worked once. It is all still a bit of a mystery. Best wishes.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    That is very strange, especially if your site is that small… Never heard of or seen that behavior before. Thanks for the feedback.

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